• the unrepentant flanuer's guide to street photography

“The Unrepentant Flaneurs Guide to Street Photography” On Modes of Flight.

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“The Unrepentant Flaneurs Guide to Street Photography”

Is now a 12 part written series on Street Photography.

Allan Hamilton’s comment “a vital education for me” (in post 12) in regard to street photography is one reason, we set up Street Photography Workshops, as a way of providing street photography tips and fir us a way of learning more about a way of working, that has huge implications for photographers developing their speed of working in making images.

Part One “Street Photography and Flâneurism”

Part Two “Urban Photography and Street Photography; what’s the Difference and What to Shoot For?”

Part Three “Rural photography; is that for real?”

Part Four

Part Five “Park the Car”

Part Six “The Undiscovered Country”

Part Seven “The Curious Case of Homeless Photography”

Part Eight “Avoiding Clichés”

Part Nine

Part Ten “The snapshot and the street photograph.”

Part Eleven “Adding a Personal Touch through Thematic Photography

Part Twelve “The Parting Shot

Two parts do not have titles.  However, it is worth considering the points that Allan Hamilton raises in this series of articles on street photography. The 1st post explores the role of the flaneur and Susan Sontag’s “On Photography”  book. Outlining his motivations for integrating the idea of Flaneire (walking the city) and issues of positive social change in creating street photography.



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