• 6400 ISO on Sony RX1

    6400 ISO on Sony RX1

  • 6400 ISO on Sony RX1

    6400 ISO on Sony RX1

  • 6400 ISO on Sony RX1

    6400 ISO on Sony RX1

Sony RX1 working with a production camera

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We at Street Photography Workshops have been a bit busy lately using a new camera. We have had a production sample of the new Sony RX1 camera. We are impressed. We have included in this post some sample images shot at 6400 ISO and while they don’t look so great on a computer screen you have to see the prints  that we have made of these images. Printed straight out of the camera cropping the edges off at A3 size this camera allows one to work at night in light that was before this camera next to impossible.

This camera, allows you to shoot or make images in a way that was not possible prior to it as Steve Huff says in his ongoing Sony RX1 Digital Camera Review this camera is revolutionary, we  agree with Steve Huff in his assessment of this camera. We’re not going to repeat all the superlatives that he’s been using other than to say that he is correct in his assessment of this camera.

Last night we were walking around in Waterloo station Making images with both fast shutter speeds and great depth of field, which prior to this camera was not possible. Using the electronic viewfinder on top of the camera, manual exposure and single point focusing with the autofocus was letting us get images that were different to what we have been able to achieve previously. One of the strengths of the autofocus on this camera, is that you can choose almost anywhere in the viewfinder where to set your focus point almost no dSLR camera, that we are aware of will let you have this level of autofocus control. Most of the sensors on dSLR camera’s as still placed too closely to the centre the viewfinder. For want of a better analogy with this camera is the nearest thing we’ve encountered to a digital Contax G2 camera. However, you can change the lenses, This means that if you do not like a full frame 35mm worldview with your camera this camera will not be for you.  However, if 35mm full frame image capture or lens rendering is your thing then this camera will become something that you will probably never leave home without as it is pocketable ( jacket pocket not a shirt pocket) but it is still of a smaller size that you will not notice carrying it around.

A few of the people we’ve shown this to so far have all fallen in love with it. Sony have somehow managed to develop a camera that has a definite wow factor when in your hand and a desirability factor if that’s important to you, that will make your friends decidedly envious.

We suspect that for the next week we might be posting a bit more about this camera as we believe that it represents a different way of using or thinking about digital capture. It reminds us of all those old fixed lens rangefinder cameras that men of a certain age for some daft reason all seem to have fond memories off. Those cameras that more perfectly good at the time were actually very hard to work with as a photographer. This camera is nothing like those cameras in its usability or picture quality yet it is small and highly capable image making machine. Now we feel like we are raving about this camera too much for one day.

Is it a good street photography camera, most definitely in our humble opinion.

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