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Richard Gordon Street Photographer

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We have only just discovered the work of Richard Gordon. It happens sometimes when one is surfing the Internet looking at one thing you stumble on someone else. It was with great shame that how we discovered Richard Gordon’s work was through his obituary at pdnonline.org with the title of “Street Photographer and Critic Richard Gordon Dies at 67”  so we went searching for examples of his work. So far we’ve found  a link on Wikipedia about Richard Gordon and an interview on boywithgrenade.org of Richard GordonShawn Nee who runs the blog (boywithgrenade.org) did an interview with Richard Gordon in 2009  (which is well worth reading) where he states “I don’t much care for the category “street photographer.” For my own work, I prefer Walker Evans’ idea of “documentary style.”” get his work is based in the street. There are so many photographers who are now often referred to as street photographers we should probably use a more interesting term and that would be a photographer who is interested in the social landscape. And this is what Richard Gordon’s photography was primarily concerned with. His book American Surveillance was self published on his own publishing company chimaerapress.com. you can read a review of American Surveillance at photoeye According to Wikipedia Richard Caldwell lived in Berkeley California,

The Gitterman Gallery in New York just had an exhibition of his work between September 13 – November 17, 2012, so some of you may be more familiar with his work that we were. His work was featured in the exhibition Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870” at the Tate Modern, London in 2010, which unfortunately we did not get to see.

Unfortunately when you use image search on Google you do not get very many images come up straightaway, We had to be a bit more ingenious to find examples of his work.

We particularly like the images that we have found so far and would love to see more of his work either online or in print.


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